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  • Op voorraad
  • l10704

  • Hardheid: Andere
  • Groef breedte: 1,5 mm 2,0 mm 2,5 mm 3 mm 4
  • Merknaam: De FTT
  • Oorsprong: CN(Oorsprong)
  • Model Aantal: MGGN150 MGGN200 MGGN250 MGGN300 MGGN400 JM
  • Coating: CVD
  • pc9030: roestvrij staal/STAAL
  • Gebruik: Externe Draaigereedschap
  • Materiaal: Tungsten Carbide

Marishka Sh 93
Seems to be good quality inserts, but not tested yet. Made in China. Recommend the seller.
It's just crazy! Cut off as oil, work on the right (cut off) side, fall off without a burr! The ends of the cut already Shine, sharpened Superski! I put cutting speeds below the average on the Steels, I cut the color on the average. Damn, cool inserts, much better than straight. For hobby machines at all find, reduces vibration, does not snack and does not break the plate. I really like them, although I used to use straight inserts. Thank you seller! I bought for 748.92 rubles.
The only plates are normally cutting on the machine. Cut ends shine, sharpened Superski

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