Tags: regels stickers auto, 4x4, decor vaas, g9, ac-motor 12v 500w, leuke vaas met bloemen, off-road, lli led overstroming licht, electr motor, glas utv atv.

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  • l455

  • Merknaam: TC-X
  • Stralingshoek:
  • De Temperatuur Van De Kleur:
  • Spanning :
  • Spanning: 12 V
  • Verkoop manier:

TC-X люмен Pro: TC-X 5D светодиодный фонарь 12 В Off-Road тягач 24 В грузовиков светотехника светодиодные вождения фонари работают лампы противотуманки

Excellent PTF, the declared light border is present. In order for them to light the road well, it is necessary to install no higher than 40 cm from the Earth, then the spot of Dawn will be large. The main minus of these PTF plastic lenses, but I solved this issue with protection from glass and printed on 3D printer pads. In the rest, excellent fog with high quality assembly and fast delivery.

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